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Proudly Serving Maryland, Delaware and D.C. Newspapers Since 1908

Getting Started

Learn more about marketing and advertising to find the best fit for your business!

What is your business looking to do in an advertisement? Does your business need to promote brand awareness? Increase clients and buys? Reach news media and editors? You can utilize our multiple advertising options in order to find the best fit for you. Whether looking to advertise nationally or locally, MDDC is your advertising resource.

Six Simple Questions

There are several things to consider before deciding what advertising best suits your needs. MDDC asks you:

  1. Do you currently advertise? How have you advertised in the past, and what made it successful (or not)?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Where do people live that you are trying to reach? In your metro area, state, region, or across the country?
  4. What is your advertising goal? Are you looking to increase brand awareness, foot traffic, lead generation, product sales, website traffic, or social media engagement?
  5. What do you want to say about your business?
  6. How will you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help us help you. Budget and target market are vital to consider when deciding on an advertising network. We offer a comprehensive variety of products and services, one of them may be right for you!

Now What?

Check out our advertising options and geographic zones to help you determine what demographics you want to target. Go to our resource guide for more information on marketing practices, and a list of our member publications. If you are interested in getting the word out to editors and the media about an event or service, learn more about reaching the media with PR MediaRelease.

Our goal is to help your business reach more people, more effectively, more economically by buying in bulk. Target a broader audience by advertising in multiple publications, and increase your presence in the communities of your potential clients. Advertising through MDDC's Networks is the most cost-effective and time-saving way of doing just that.

With just one call to MDDC, you can talk to one of our Network Advertising experts who can place ads in more than 100 publications for you. Our services of scheduling the ad, trafficking the creative, verifying that an ad ran, and consolidating billing are all free to you. It really is that easy! Please give us a call at 443-508-1936 for more information, or email us today!

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