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Advertising Contest Archives

The Advertising Contest awards first, second and third place honors in each of the divisions. For contest years 2004 to the present, the divisions were:

  • Division A - Dailies 35,000 and over
  • Division B - Dailies under 35,000
  • Division C - Non-dailies 15,000 and over
  • Division D - Non-dailies under 15,000

Prior to 2004, the non-daily divisions were broken up as follows: 

  • Division C - Non-dailies over 20,000
  • Division D - Non-dailies 10,001 to 20,000
  • Division E - Non-dailies under 10,000

There is an overall Sweepstakes award presented to the newspaper in each division that accumulates the most points in the contest. Three points are awarded for first place, two points for second place, and three points for third place.

One Best of Category plaque is awarded in each category, regardless of division. Additionally, a single Best of Show ad is selected by Awards Conference attendees from five finalists chosen by the judges. These winners are identified in the Best of Category PDF.

2011 Contest Year
(conducted in 2010)

  • Division A
  • Division B
  • Division C
  • Division D
  • Best of Category

2011 Contest Year
(conducted in 2010)

2010 Contest Year
(conducted in 2011)

2009 Contest Year
(conducted in 2010)

2008 Contest Year
(conducted in 2009)

2007 Contest Year
(conducted in 2008)

2006 Contest Year
(conducted in 2007)

2005 Contest Year
(conducted in 2006)

2004 Contest Year
(conducted in 2005)

2003 Contest Year
(conducted in 2004)

2002 Contest Year
(conducted in 2003)

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