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Editorial Contest

The MDDC Editorial Contest recognizes editorial excellence in the news media organizations of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. The contest features 50 categories in each of six circulation divisions, plus a special Rookie of the Year and Freedom of Information award. Each publication’s publisher or editor must certify the originality of all submitted entries.

Download the full contest packet, which includes a listing of all categories, the declaration of originality and contest rules or go straight to the contest portal.   

Deadline for Entries

Contest is open now through January 27, 2017.  All entries must be uploaded to the contest portal.

BNC Website Password

Contest manager profiles, includng passwords, have been carried over from the 2015 contest  Don't remember the password or are a first-time contest manager?  Contact Rebecca Snyder for help.

Eligibility & Contest Rules

The contest is open to all staff members and freelancers of active members. Freelancers are not able to enter individually and must enter through the publications they write for. Members joining in 2016 may only submit entries published following the organization’s membership date. Click for full Contest Rules.


The contest has 50 categories and three special awards.  The Wild Card category for 2016, which changes each year, is Drug Use in Communities.  Click for the full category listing and descriptions.


The entries will be judged by newspaper professionals from the West Virginia Press Association. We will be judging their contest in January/February 2017.  Instructions for Judges.


The 2016 Editorial Contest awards will be presented at the MDDC Editorial Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 12, 2017. Certificates in each division will be presented to first and second place winners and one Best of Show award is presented in each category. The News Organization of the Year award is presented to the news organization in each circulation division that accumulates the most points in the contest. First place earns three points and second place earns two points. In a tie, the number of first place wins will be the determining factor. Prior to the Luncheon, the names of winning staff members will be announced. You'll have to wait until the Luncheon to find out the details of the contest winners!

Help support this event through your sponsorship, or by placing an ad in the Awards publication.  Learn more.


The fee is $15 per entry.

Contest Divisions

Circulation divisions for the contest are based on each news organization's circulation, as reported to MDDC for dues. (Note that these are called categories within the BNC website platform.) For the Editorial Contest circulation divisions are as follows:
Division A: Dailies over 75,000 circulation
Division B: Dailies from 20,000 to 75,000
Division C: Dailies under 20,000
Division D: Non-dailies over 20,000
Division E: Non-dailies from 10,000 to 20,000
Division F: Non-dailies under 10,000

Previous Winners

Click through to read about our top winners and browse award-winning work by category: 2015 Contest, 2014 Contest

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