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Chad Trovinger wins Designer of the Year 2017

Chad Trovinger of the Herald-Mail is MDDC’s Designer of the Year for 2017. This award is based on a designer’s work through the contest cycle.  Each designer is required to submit 8-10 pieces, showing creativity and the ability to design across platforms and a letter of recommendation from his or her manager. 

The entries were judged by Leah McCloskey, owner of LM Studio. This year, there were three very strong nominations, showing a diversity of approaches and styles. 

Trovinger’s portfolio of work stood out for his ability to navigate both print and digital interpretations, while transforming the work to fit a variety of styles.  McCloskey noted his ability to “change up styles” and interpret the look and feel his editor wanted.   She says it is clear that he “has to keep reinventing himself and the work.”  Trovinger’s editor, Jake Womer, wrote in his recommendation letter that “Chad knows we’re in the business of conveying information, and he keeps the reader foremost in his mind, whether he’s designing the front page of the daily newspaper; designing the entirety of our entertainment publications, What’s NXT; creating logos; designing ads; illustrating commentary with his drawing ability; creating templates for new publications; or learning to create interactive graphics.”

About our nominees

Adam Marston

Adam has extremely strong skills in interactive presentations that break down information clearly for readers.  McCloskey notes that his “web work is really first class.”  The plea bargain work was clean and very easy to understand.  She appreciated his consistent style throughout the work.



Sara Travlos

Sara showed a wide range in her nomination package and Chris Gunty, Associate publisher, noted that she tackled three large special sections outside the normal editorial schedule.  The judge noted that Travlos “Presents ads well and has a good versatility of style.  The infographic charts on human trafficking are strong and well done.”  Gunty wrote in his recommendation that “Sara takes the initiative to research and learn new ways to push the Catholic Review beyond today’s standards when it comes to magazine layouts and design. She brings a consistency to the look and feel of the magazine that our readers have come to know and enjoy, and emphasizes and enhances our brand.”

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