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Best practices in public notice

Richard Karpel, Public Notice Resource Center
Efforts by government officials to move public notices from local newspapers to government websites pick up steam every year. State press associations are battling on several fronts to preserve newspaper notice and to protect the public’s right to know.

Are the newspapers that publish legal notices upholding their end of the bargain? ... More

Friday wrap up July 1, 2016

In this week's Friday wrap up, find two surveys - one on your photo workflow and the other on digital media - as well as tips on how to erase your Google history to protect sources. Plus, our calendar of upcoming events! Happy July 4th holiday! ... More

Leave no trace

From the Online Journalism Blog
For journalists, the amount of information that Google holds about you presents a risk to your sources, according to Paul Bradshaw. Searches for people, images and video, books and reports that you’ve read, visits to particular locations can all identify individuals. If you’re promising whistleblowers protection, you can delete this information. Read the whole article here. ... More

The FAA’s drone rules are here: What does it mean for journalists?

by Matt Waite, Drone Journalism Lab, June 21, 2016
In 60 days, drone journalism will be legally possible in any newsroom in the United States. That’s not to say it will be easy, but it will be legally possible in ways that it has never been before. ... More

Friday wrap up June 10, 2016

Highlights from the board, new MDDC members, a new board member, and the advertising contest, all in this week's Friday Wrap up. ... More

Covering meetings with mobile

Judd Slivka slivkaj@missouri.edu Assistant Professor of Convergence Journalism University of Missouri
Meetings are the bread and butter of print journalism. The paper-of-record mindset tends to assign reporters to every city council hearing, every committee meeting. It’s a bit different from TV, where reporters will drop in on meetings to highlight an important issue.

But regardless of when we cover it, meetings can be an important ingredient in our recipe to dominate the social feed ... More
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