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Data visualization with charts

As journalists present more data visually, charts take on more importance. What to use where? This handy post helps make sense of it all. ... More

Open Government advocacy groups urge changes to proposed WMATA Safety Oversight Authority

Advocates from DC, Maryland and Virginia unite to mandate right of access in the authority’s meetings and documents.

Leadership of the D.C. Open Government Coalition, MDDC Press Association and Virginia Coalition for Open Government have jointly written a letter urging legislators to ensure the public and members of the press have access to meetings and documents from the proposed Metrorail Safety Commission for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (“WMATA” or “Metro”). ... More

AD LIBS:  Don’t waste your budget on teaser ads

John Foust, Raleigh, NC
I ran across something in my Bad Ads file which reminded me of ads I see every now and then. It was about an eighth of a page, with big bold type: “Big news coming to Main Street.” That’s it. No details. Just “Big news coming to Main Street.”

This is known as a teaser ad. Although it was attempting to create curiosity, I’ll bet it generated little more than a collective “ho hum” from readers.

Teaser ads usually have mysterious headlines like, “Exciting new product coming soon” or “You wouldn’t believe what we have in store.” But these headlines are rarely accompanied by copy that reveals what the fuss is all about. That’s why I think teaser ads are a waste of money. ... More

“Personal Finance Handbook” published by MDDC affiliate member

Brian Kuhn, affiliate MDDC Press Association member, is out with a new book on personal finance. It’s called “The Personal Finance Handbook” and is meant as a kitchen table reference guide to all things money. ... More

Use digital tools to enhance, not replace, tenets of solid reporting

August 9, 2016, by Jim Pumarlo
Meeting reader needs requires editors and reporters to multitask, and challenges are ratcheted up in today’s digital newsroom. Everyone is expected to be adept across the spectrum of news gathering – writing breaking news for the web and a more complete story for the print edition, taking and posting photo or video on the web, tweeting about a sports event or city council meeting, updating your Facebook page. I characterize it as organized chaos.

Digital tools can be a great assist in collecting and distributing the news. ... More

MDDC Advertising Contest 2015-16 Winner’s Announcement

... More
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