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Designer of the Year

Advertising Award Category

Designer of the Year (category 11)
Submit a body of work (8-10 pieces) from a single designer, showing creativity and ability to design across platforms.  Requires letter of recommendation from manager.  One award will be given across all divisions.  

2014 Advertising Contest Winners

Two designers have been named Designer of the Year:  Tom Maglio and Samantha Bangh.  This is the first year for this award which honors a body of work over the course of the contest cycle.  The work should exemplify creativity and the ability to design across platforms.  The submission package included 8-10 pieces of the designer’s work and a letter of recommendation from the designer’s manager.  Our honorees are listed in alphabetical order.

Samantha Bangh, Frederick News-Post

Samantha Bangh is the go-to in house graphic designer at the Frederick News-Post.  She is versatile, able to flow seamlessly from front page news design to online advertising to in-house promotions to print ads with different styles to reflect her audience and advertiser. 

Tom Maglio, Coastal Point

Tom Maglio has been the Graphic Designer for the Coastal Point since the spring of 2012.  Ads, magazine features, newspaper pages, children’s activities, photo spreads – Maglio brings a fresh perspective and creative treatment to each.  His fellow staffers cite his humor, creativity and cooperation as standout traits.  Bob Bertram, Maglio’s former supervisor and himself a frequent  Advertising Contest award winner, says Tom "is a joy to work with. He really is. He's very talented, and he takes a lot of pride in what he does. Plus, he's genuinely very nice. It's a treat to work with somebody like Tom."

His team-oriented manner is not Maglio’s only stand-out trait. He improves constantly. He takes his craft very seriously, and asks questions, reads articles online and is constantly flipping through magazines and other papers for ideas. He wants to be good, and he takes a lot of pride in keeping clients’ ads to a high standard.  Susan Lyons, publisher of The Coastal Point, remarks that "the improvement Tom has shown over the past three years has been exceptional, and should serve as an inspiration to everybody starting out in this business that hard work and pride in what you do can carry you a long way. He is a very gifted artist, and he makes us better."   Darin McCann, executive editor, writes that "we hired Tom because of the creativity he showed us in his portfolio during the interview process. It just showed us that he had a remarkably high ceiling, and if he worked at it, he could become special in this industry. He has, and he is. We are lucky to have him on our team."  Congratulations to Tom!

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