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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, International Educator, Washington DC

Posted October 21, 2016 from Online News Association

Position:              EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, International Educator (IE), NAFSA’s flagship, award-winning bi-monthly print and digital magazine, circulation 11,000

Reports to:         Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Major Functions and Responsibilities

Leads editorial functions for International Educator (IE), NAFSA’s flagship, award-winning bimonthly magazine (print and digital), circulation 11,000.


  1. Market Research - Establishes and maintains internal and external relationships to keep abreast of issues and trends facing IE’s audience and its practice. Oversees reader and industry research, keeping abreast and ahead of anticipated market needs and changes.  Adjusts publication strategy accordingly. 
  2. Vision - Collaborates with Senior Director, Strategic Communications, to create an editorial vision that maintains and builds readership, delivering quality content to IE’s demographic.
  3. Goals & Objectives - Collaborates with Senior Director, Strategic Communications to develop strategic objectives that align with editorial and business goals; and oversee editorial and advertising to implement those objectives.
  4. Editorial Strategy - Collaborates with Senior Director, Strategic Communications to define editorial strategy and establish editorial direction and policies in support of business goals and objectives.
  5. Editorial Direction - Oversees editorial direction, content, and voice of IE ‘brand’ (across print, digital/social media and web) based on market needs in alignment with business goals. 
  6. Execution - Directs and leads the editorial staff to ensure the on-time delivery of quality print and digital content within budget and in accordance with approved editorial calendar. 
  7. Development - Collaborates on product development (new print and digital launches, redesign, etc.) and marketing collaterals related to IE.
  8. Knowledge - Develops, maintains, and uses knowledge of industry and trends, competitive environment, and agreed-on editorial vision.  Demonstrates through evolution of print and digital IE.
  9. Brand Representation - Acts as a key face of the brand within the professional industry.

Planning & Execution

  1. Financial Management - Prepares editorial operating budget for approval as well as P&L statement. Is also responsible for meeting budgetary goals and IE profitability.
  2. Editorial, Advertising and Production - Formulates and oversees ad and editorial calendar and production schedules on time and within budget, coordinating efforts with writers, ad reps, graphic design firm, and printer.


  1. Readership - Remains cognizant of reader and advertiser needs and works in partnership with staff to meet both sets of needs without compromising editorial integrity.
  2. Editorial Content Research – originates and develops ideas for individual articles and special reports; researches possible topics and approach; researches international education leaders, faculty members, and students as possible sources and authors.
  3. IE Content Acquisition & Development - Oversees, directs, and is responsible for the acquisition and development of content, special projects, supplements, and other revenue-producing initiatives across multiple platforms (to include print, digital and social media). Direct content acquisition development of print, digital editions, website.
  4. IE Issue Development - Oversees packaging of each issue, including brainstorming sessions on content, artwork, cover lines, titles, subtitles, decks, captions and other details; refines images; writes and edits cover lines, titles, subtitles and decks to enhance the overall presentation of IE.
  5. IE Supplements & Special Sections - Generates and executes ideas and plans for IE (3) supplements and (1) special section.


  1. Stable of Freelance Talent/External Vendors - Continually recruits, develops and manages a stable of freelance writers, researchers, photographers, and illustrators and work with external vendors (design firm and printer).
  2. Editorial/writers - Works with staff and external sources from the field of international education to help develop article concepts; solicits and assigns (and occasionally writes) articles, reports, editorials, reviews and other material pertinent to reader and advertiser needs.
  3. Editorial/writers - Oversees the work of freelance writers, working closely with and coaching authors in the development and revision of their work (e.g., editing, copyediting, line editing, revising).


  1. Design & Printing- Oversees layout and design of each issue with external design firm and printing (print order, mailing labels, postage etc.), ensuring that production deadlines are met.
  2. Assumes ultimate responsibility for grammatical accuracy, clarity, completeness, appropriateness for intended audience, and conformity to established standard format guidelines for assigned publication(s).


  1. Industry Events - Attends industry conferences, trade shows, and other events, representing IE and NAFSA as required.  Establishes and maintains positive professional relationships with authors, industry experts, and other internal and external contacts.
  2. Editorial Advisory Board Meeting – Convene and collaborate with advisory board members, individually and in meetings. Lead meeting discussions to help identify trends, article ideas, material sources, and writers and, as needed, vet article content. 
  3. Editorial Board Meetings – Lead bi-monthly editorial meeting with NAFSA’s senior leadership to vet ideas for editorial content and ensure that IE reflects the association’s strategic goals.


  1. Digital/IE web presence - Works with web services team to maintain and develop IE web presence.
  2. Digital/IE archive - Works with web services team and IT to maintain and develop HTML issues archive.
  3. Digital/IE - Works with web services team and IT to continually develop and leverage digital IE and IE content online.


  1. Assists with editing of other publications on an as needed basis.
  2. Performs additional duties as assigned.


As membership organization representatives with a broad and diverse range of activities, NAFSA staff members possess more than specialized capabilities. Each individual is expected to take the initiative to become knowledgeable about the organization as a whole. Association members and other staff expect colleagues to be accessible and responsive, to convey a positive attitude, and to exhibit a high degree of professionalism.

Resources and Supervision

The EDITOR-IN-CHIEF works extensively and closely with his/her immediate supervisor, the senior director, strategic communications. The position does not have NAFSA staff supervision requirements, but does oversee all IE vendors (graphic design firm, freelance writers, printer, etc.)

Working Relationships

This position works directly with the staff of Publications Services and the Communications & Advancement department. The EDITOR-IN-CHIEF also works extensively with staff and members across NAFSA, has significant contact with outside vendors, and responsibility for managing a network of freelance writers. Additionally, the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF works with the IE editorial advisory board and other members in developing articles and planning issues. The EDITOR-IN-CHIEF has considerable contact with officials outside of NAFSA in the general public (especially higher education leaders) to solicit ideas, find sources for articles, research articles, etc. The position requires exceptional communication, decision-making, and journalistic skills to thoroughly explore and develop each article and direct freelance writers effectively. S/he must be effective in working with association staff and membership as well as outside officials.

Work Environment

The NAFSA workday is 9–5; during the summer, it is 8:30–5:30 M-Th, and 9:00–12:00 on Friday. Travel is required on a few occasions each year. Participation in the NAFSA annual conference is required.

Required Background and Skills

  • BA/BS degree in Journalism, English, Communications or other relevant field; or commensurate experience. Advanced degree (MBA, Journalism) is helpful but not required.
  • Seven to ten years of relevant print and digital publishing/magazine experience as editor-in-chief or managing editor of a magazine.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand budgeting and manage magazine P&L.
  • Published feature and column writer with at least five years of editorial experience in magazine journalism, preferably in higher education, social science, or international affairs.
  • Demonstrated news-gathering, fact-checking, copyediting, and story-development experience.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to work with writers and copyeditors, and work on multiple priorities in a deadline-oriented environment.
  • Knowledgeable in the effective use of graphic design.
  • Acquainted with leveraging content in multiple media platforms (print/web/newsletters/events, etc.).

Desired Qualifications

  • Demonstrates flexibility; can re-define role as needed and adapt to change.
  • Interacts appropriately within a variety of cultures and situations while attending trade shows, conferences, and performing other company-related assignments.
  • Builds consensus and commitment to new ideas and courses of action.
  • Clearly articulates, presents, and promotes ideas and issues before various audiences in professional settings.
  • Demonstrates the ability to identify and solve problems quickly, decisively, and independently.
  • Shares information, cooperates and collaborates with others, and is comfortable participating as a part of a team.
  • Association and industry experience.
About NAFSA: Association of International Educators

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the leading association in the field of international education and exchange. NAFSA, with 10,000 members, is an association advancing international education and exchange and global workforce development. NAFSA serves its members and their institutions and organizations by setting principles of good practice, providing training and professional development opportunities, providing networking opportunities, and advocating for international education. Hundreds of NAFSA members volunteer to serve the Association to create and disseminate knowledge, to influence public policy, and to maintain a strong organization. They serve on committees, knowledge communities, teams and task forces. NAFSA is led by a Board of Directors that guides the work of the Association through a strategic plan that sets goals and objectives over a three-year horizon. NAFSA’s senior staff provides expert advice, assistance, and commentary and perspectives on international exchange.Headquartered in Washington, DC, NAFSA has an operating budget of $17 million and a staff of 85. Its Annual Conference & Expo, held in May 2016 in Denver, CO drew over 10,000 attendees from around the world.

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