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Ongoing response to Capital Gazette shooting

MDDC response to Capital Gazette tragedy

There has been a tremendous outpouring of support and emotion as our colleagues and friends at the Capital Gazette and Baltimore Sun Media Group pick up the pieces after the tragedy last week at the Capital Gazette offices. Journalists and supporters of a free press were shaken. Our members are taking a deep look at security procedures and how they interact with their communities. MDDC is responding as well.

Honor the fallen by doing our job

Brian Karem, executive editor of The Sentinels and MDDC vice-president
During the American Revolution community newspapers in the embryonic country bound citizens together with provocative editorials and news of the day as citizens rose up to break free of the tyranny of a King. Many newspapers published the Declaration of Independence and helped to popularize the founding principles of our nascent country.
The Tories saw the news as divisive and slanted.
The Patriots proclaimed freedom of speech against despotic rule.
During the Civil War community newspapers in a divisive country kept track of the dead, the battles and helped inform citizens with editorials and news often seen as opinionated and slanted.

Attack on Capital Gazette shocks journo community

Thursday, five staffers of the Capital Gazette were killed while serving their community in a planned attack by a gunman with a grudge against the paper. In minutes, over 75 years of newspaper experience vanished and nearly a quarter of the staff is gone. Rob Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman, Wendi Winters, John McNamara and Rebecca Smith did what thousands of our members do every day. Go to work and try and put out the best news and publication possible. Their deaths have sent shock waves through the tight-knit journalism community and through the nation. What can we do?

MDDC grieves with the Capital Gazette

On behalf of the members of the MDDC Press Association: Today, friends, colleagues and courageous journalists were shot at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis. Our hearts go out to the families and to the victims and we stand ready to help members of our fellow newsroom in any way.

The Capital Gazette is a critical part of the community in Annapolis and in our Association. We stand firmly with them and grieve their losses.

Robin Quillon, President of the MDDC Board of Directors (and publisher of the Cumberland Times-News) on behalf of the Board of Directors of MDDC Press Association

MDDCnews.com readies for new rollout

MDDC teams with AdForce for digital ad network

MDDC Press and Adforce.com have announced a three-year partnership that provides advertisers with a premium digital advertising offering across MDDC member titles. MDDC has created a strategic partnership with Adforce, a leading digital advertising network, to help MDDC build out and market a premium digital advertising network across member publication websites. As buyers and sellers of digital space become more comfortable with digital buying, the market growth will continue. This partnership helps ensure members achieve market share in this fast-growing environment.

Newsprint tariff fly-in to DC June 13-14

Publishers and other newspaper executives know more than anyone about the impact of newsprint tariffs on your newspaper’s ability to provide news and information to your local community. You are in the best position to explain the impact on your business, employees, advertisers and readers.

MDDC will be there as well, representing our members. We are asking each member to take action.

MDDC announces winners of contest at News with Integrity conference

May 14, 2018
(Annapolis, MD) – Members and supporters of the Maryland | Delaware | DC Press Association came together today at a program to highlight news with integrity and excellence in journalism by recognizing the winners of the Contest, which celebrates print and online work completed in 2017. Attendees also heard from Congressman Jamie Raskin, of Maryland’s 8th district, Philip Rucker, part of the Pulitzer prize-winning team at the Washington Post, and Rebecca Frank, director of research and insights at News Media Alliance.

Jim Lockwood elevates the art of public notice journalism

By Teri Saylor for the Public Notice Resource Center, April 26, 2018
Examining the public notice display in newspapers, their tombstone layout and dry legalese may not appear to be riveting journalism. But scratch beneath the surface and you may find a treasure trove of great stories.

Just ask Jim Lockwood, a reporter at the Scranton (Pa.) Times-Tribune, who has won numerous awards for stories gleaned from perusing the public notices in his own newspaper, a practice he started early in his career as a reporter in New Jersey. Public notice advertisements are Lockwood’s go-to resource for everyday reporting.

“In New Jersey, we ran the municipal and school board budgets, and they would take up an entire page,” he said in a recent phone interview. “As a young reporter, I came to rely on those budgets for story ideas, background and facts.”

That’s also when he started clipping those budgets and other notices and filing them away for easy reference.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Philip Rucker keynotes News with Integrity

Among the highlights of MDDC's annual conference, News with Integrity, will be the keynote address from Philip Rucker,
Philip Rucker
2018 Pulitzer prize winner and Washington Post White House bureau chief. News with Integrity brings together over 200 journalists and media professionals from news organizations across Maryland, Delaware and DC on May 11 in Annapolis to hear from insightful speakers, discuss issues important to the industry, and celebrate award-winning work from across the region.
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