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MDDC welcomes TheBayNet

March 22, 2019

2018 MDDC Contest Winners

The Maryland | Delaware | DC Press Association is proud to announce the winners of the annual Contest in the list below. These winners represent the best work of member publications in Maryland, Delaware and DC. Publications are divided into seven categories based on circulation, plus a special division for SPJ members. Entries are judged, in most cases, by a sister press association. Celebrate this award-winning work at the Annual Conference, Local News Builds Communities, Friday, May 10th at the Doubletree by Hilton in Annapolis.

The public has a Right to Know in Borzilleri v. Mosby

Today, a sitting State's Attorney will go on trial in a case of vital interest to the public: Can the government retaliate against those who have differing political opinions?

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is slated to stand trial in a civil case, Borzilleri v. Mosby, in Baltimore Circuit Court in front of Judge Gregory Sampson. The case stems from a lawsuit by a line prosecutor who was fired for supporting Mosby's political opponent. The case was initially brought in federal court, and the line prosecutor lost, but it was brought again on new grounds in state court, and a judge said it should proceed.

MDDC welcomes A Miner Detail

March 14, 2019

MDDC welcomes The Georgetowner

March 8, 2019

Public notices are a critical part of civic transparency

MDDC members stand for transparency in government actions. Public notices are key to transparency, along with FOIA and Open Meetings laws because they prevent official actions from occurring in secret. Public notices serve to make the wider public aware of actions that may affect or interest them.

The government should not be the sole provider of information about its activities, no matter the publication format. Neutral, third party notice creates independence for government where they have a stake in the results of the notice. For example, just as the courts wouldn’t accept Wells Fargo being solely responsible for giving notice of foreclosure proceedings to property owners, since they are a party to the case and have a financial interest in its outcome, taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to rely on notice about a meeting to raise property taxes from a local government’s website. In that instance, the local government is a is a conflicted party as it stands to either gain or lose based on the meeting outcome.

MDDC welcomes Baltimore Fishbowl

February 28, 2019

Sunshine Week:  Police Records

MDDC members collaborated on a project for Sunshine Week (March 10 - 16, 2019) which focused on the costs of police records around the region.
Sunshine Week logo
Members interviewed their local police agencies to ascertain what their policy is for obtaining police records such as accident reports or police reports and how it meshes with the PIA (or FOIA in DE and DC).

MD Newsprint Recycling Reports Due

This is a reminder that Maryland requires each publication distributed in the state to report its use of recycled content newsprint quarterly. The report for Oct-Dec 2018 and the annual report for 2018 is due THURSDAY, JANUARY 31. For some of you, this report is filed on your behalf by your printer.

MDDC members collaborate for Sunshine Week

February 1, 2019
MDDC members are working together on a project that will be published during Sunshine Week (March 11 - 17, 2019).
We are focusing on the costs of police records around the region. We are asking members to interview their local police agencies (no federal agencies, please) to ascertain what their policy is for obtaining police records such as accident reports or police reports and how it meshes with the PIA (or FOIA in DE and DC).

Reese Cleghorn Interns Announced

February 1, 2019
Four journalism students have been selected as interns for the summer of 2019. The Reese Cleghorn Internship program hires outstanding student journalists to intern in MDDC member newsrooms each summer. These interns were selected from a pool of highly-qualified applicants. Three are from the University of Maryland, College Park and one from Morgan State University. The intern selection committee reviewed over two dozen initial applications, which included a personal essay, published clips and educational and professional references. The committee narrowed the field and conducted a panel interview with each candidate.

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