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2015 Annual Report: Making an Impact

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MDDC expanded its events and programming by hosting a series of Newsmaker conference calls with key government officials in Maryland and Delaware, creating a strong and well-attended professional development series, and presenting the Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, and key members of his cabinet for a moderated discussion about his first 100 days in office.  In collaboration with Common Cause Maryland, the Association presented a panel discussion and white paper, “Local News Matters”.  Additionally, the Association completely revamped its Advertising Contest and awards program, adding a media buyers roundtable to the luncheon as well as an Agency Day component.  These expansions built on the strong foundation of the Editorial Awards lunch, with over 200 attendees, and the Hall of Fame & Distinguished Service Award program.

Legislatively, members came together to help pass major reform to Maryland’s Public Information Act and preserve the annual Abandoned Property notice insert in print.  Internally, the Association revised its membership and dues structure, allowing online-only publications active membership and streamlining dues to a flat rate based on editorial division.  Affiliate membership categories were also adjusted, allowing for individual as well as corporate membership.  These changes will better positon the Association for the long-term as the industry changes.

The Association created several new publications this year, including the Advertising Awards publication with an expanded member directory and the Mid-Atlantic Media Buyers Guide.  The awards publication was distributed to over 90 local and regional advertising agencies and to legislators across all jurisdictions. 

We will continue to strengthen our programs and services to better serve our members and the industry.

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