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Courage in Journalism

Brian Karem, MDDC Board President

Nearly a year ago, friends and co-workers, members of our professional family were ripped from us in a day we should never forget. We should also work until our last breath to make sure the tragedy is never repeated.

Five members of the Capital Gazette died when a man burst into the Capital Gazette in Annapolis with a Mossberg shotgun.

Gerald Fischman. 61. Columnist and Editorial Page Editor

Rob Hiassen. 59 Assistant Editor and weekend columnist

John McNamara. 56. Sports reporter and editor and primary reporter for the Bowie Blade-News.

Rebecca Smith. 34. Sales Assistant.

Wendi Winters. 65. Community beat reporter.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Capital Gazette shooting was one of only two incidents in which multiple journalists were killed in the United States since the organization began compiling data in 1992.

The incident also figured in the recent Reporters Without Borders assessment that now ranks the United States as only the 48th freest country for journalists and places us in the troubled category.

Today the members of the Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia Press Association celebrate the best work our reporters from more than 100 papers have prepared during the last year for more than three million combined readers.

We take pride in our efforts and strive hard to provide vetted, factual information in a timely fashion. We get things wrong on occasion. We are human. We correct our mistakes and we move on.

We are members of our communities across the two states and the District of Columbia. We are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. We are not the enemy of the people.

We are the people.

And while none of the dead in Annapolis went to work on June 28 2018 thinking they would never see their families again, all of them already knew well the growing danger we all face and continue to face.

You shouldn’t have to worry about dying while covering local sports, or editing copy or trying to sell an ad.

We should, however, all of us here and all of us across the country and indeed the world celebrate the lives of these people we’ve lost and remember they gave their last full measure of life trying to serve others. We should redouble our efforts. We should work harder in their memories and for ourselves to communicate, educate and illuminate.

It isn’t enough today to name an award that celebrates courage in journalism after the fallen.

But it is a start.

Where it leads is up to the courage in all of us to be as committed as those we’ve lost.

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