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Journalists continue vital work at U.S. Capitol

Journalists coming into work in Washington on Wednesday braced for a heavy news day.  Certifying the presidential election results, a planned rally of Trump supporters, ongoing beat reporting energizes reporters who are direct lines of information and analysis to the wider public.  The day spiraled into a full attack on the Capitol, sending lawmakers and many citizens into a tailspin of outrage, horror and fear. 

For journalists, there was more.  The drumbeat of escalating violence against journalists, claims of “fake news,” and unlawful detainment jeopardizes reporters’ ability to report the news that affects their local communities.  Journalists act as stand-ins for the public, reporting and clarifying events for everyday citizens.  News media connects communities and shines light on untold stories and perspectives.

“Murder the media” was carved into a door of the U.S. Capitol building.  Journalists were surrounded and threatened; equipment was vandalized and destroyed during the insurrection.  Through it all, journalists kept reporting and documenting; pushing through danger, fear, and threats of physical violence, journalists continued to do their jobs in service of their communities.  Those who want to “murder the media” seek to silence objective, clear-eyed reporting and limit information available to the public.

News media organizations will press on, reporting on behalf of the public, despite threats and intimidation.  The MDDC Press Association stands with journalists. 

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