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Kevin Berrier named MDDC Advertising Director


Hello!  I’m Kevin Berrier, your new Advertising Director for MDDC.  I’m excited to meet everyone in our membership, but until that time comes, I wanted to share details about myself, my role, and ambitions for the next stages of the MDDC Advertising Services!  I can be reached at kberrier@mddcpress.com or 443-508-1936.

My journey in our industry started in 2001 in the Classified Department of the Carroll County Times.  It was fast-paced, with customers flowing in and out of our building purchasing classified and display advertising, and subscriptions.  Although we didn’t realize it, the industry was about to undergo massive changes.  Some colleagues left the industry, their beliefs in the values and missions of newspapers, and its importance to our communities shaken.  I shared the unsettling feeling that we all experienced.  But I also saw it as a challenge. 

I didn’t question the value of local journalism; I, and many of my colleagues, doubled-down and recognized that the mission of local journalism was more important than ever before.   I spent over a decade helping the Carroll County Times increase their print and digital revenue, building their commercial printing business, and building my own expertise.  For the past six years,  I worked with diverse clients ranging from small hyper local businesses to large regional and national entities at The Frederick News-Post.  I was able to hone my digital acumen, and marketing strategy skillset to provide my clients with campaigns that they were eager to renew.

I’ve seen incredible successes and unfortunate losses in advertising.  I’ve been on the front lines of our industry’s adaptation to the changing economic climate, finding our place in the changing world. I’ve seen what works, and what’s fallen short.  I’ve embraced that digital marketing has power in our business, but I also realize, more importantly, that strategy in a holistic marketing campaign is paramount.  Digital marketing is diluted without print.  One of my mentors taught me the beautifully simple idea that we offer audience  in a way that no other competitor is able to do, regardless of platform.

As a part of the MDDC Advertising Service team, I’ll be working with our Executive Director, Rebecca Snyder to evolve our program to provide more value to our members.  I’ll be working to connect with clients and agencies that may feel inaccessible to you, to evangelize the power of print and the value it brings to our business community.  I am an extension of your sales team!  I’m excited to build out a digital strategy for our Advertising Services division that’ll range from spearheading to supporting your digital efforts.  In short, I’m looking to increase revenues for our members.

In the coming weeks I’ll be reaching out to all of you to schedule a time to visit and learn more about your organization’s successes, struggles, needs and wants, and how I can incorporate my findings in to better serving you as our members.  But I’ll need your help and support!  For anyone that knows me, they know that I’ll jump on a soapbox to advocate to the naysayers about the value we bring to our industry.  The message is simple – our industry are the truth-tellers to our community. In an ecosystem where fake news on social platforms pollute truth and reality of news, we have never been more important.  What am amazing story to tell our businesses!  Why should they care?  Because we bring audience in an affordable, impactful, and strategic way to assist them in stimulating their commerce.  Don’t be afraid to spread that message, because it’s paramount.

                                                                                    Committed to your success,

                                                                                    Kevin Berrier
                                                                                    Advertising Director
                                                                                    MDDC Press Association

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