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Which CRM is right for you?

February 28, 2020

As we have continued to grow the marketing agency side of the MDDC Press Association, we researched quite a few CRMs while we were considering which best fit our needs.  Our needs are very similar to the needs of our members – ease-of-use, ability to house client and prospect information, integration and automation, and of course, affordability.

While we researched over a dozen platforms, the following made the cut for final consideration: Fresh Works, Saleforce, Insightly, ASK-CRM (ASK), and Accello.  Click here for our pros and cons chart on these platforms.

Ultimately, we found that ASK best suited our needs, in many areas considerably more than the other CRMs we reviewed. 

What we liked most about ASK was that the owner and developer of the platform has actual newspaper experience, which translated to a CRM that felt almost proprietary to our industry.  Here’s how it stacked up against the others:  

PROS: The company owner has industry familiarity. Other press associations, newspapers and media companies around the US use this CRM, and it can integrate the current order entry system to create historical data at launch. ASK has sales proposal and IO functionality, really shines light on account inactivity for prospecting and can categorize businesses by multiple categories. “Most" maintenance services are free, and ASK will set up the system for us for a fee. ASK can integrate with many order entry systems, though in some cases the data upload may be manual. ASK also provides automated reporting on sales activity and provides an easy-to-use task manager that we’ve found to be incredibly beneficial to ensure that important tasks do not fall through the cracks.

CONS: Depending on the size of your organization, this CRM could cost just a tad more than other CRMs out there, though this CRM’s pricing is a licensing fee, not a per-seat fee, which benefits a multiple-person sales team, as well as a small sales team such as MDDC Ad Services.

CONCLUSION: We found that its functionality and ability to meet our needs easily justified the small additional monthly cost that came with the platform.  Robin Smith, the owner and developer of ASK-CRM, is very hands-on, receptive, and ready streamline the system’s launch to any organization that takes advantage of the system.  He is always improving the platform based on needs and wants from his partners, a function that he communicates within a “tips and tricks” portion of the CRM.  Ultimately, ASK provides a salesperson, or a sales manager the ability to quickly see contact information, whether that business has been reached out to recently for a conversation, and how accounts are pacing year over year in revenue spends – very key needs for any sales organization looking to grow while becoming more efficient, and nimble. 

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