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MDDC Newspaper HOF’er Sam Lacy Made a Difference

The man who helped intergrate Major League Baseball is remembered by his son
By Tim Lacy

A little more than a year ago, I was involved in a conversation about my dad. The whole thing boiled down to the fact that there was nothing written and published about the early years of Sam Lacy. I gave some thought to devoting this space to an early life expose in chapters. My boss at the time seemed to think it was a wonderful idea, but current events at the time seemed to draw my attention elsewhere. Before I could get back to this task, the editor had moved on, and the idea was sidelined.

Recently during another discussion over the movie β€œ42,” this idea was revisited. With this in mind, I decided to devote a few weeks of chapters on the early life of Sam Lacy under the title β€œHe Made a Difference.” The following is his early life as told to me.

On Oct. 23, 1903 Sam Lacy entered this world with a piercing scream, thus serving notice that his voice would be heard.

His mother, Shinnecock, was Native American and his father was an African American (or in the PC parlance of the time, Negro). Sam grew up in the Negro community learning the values instilled by Shinnecock.

Read the entire story here.

Editor's Note: Sam Lacy was inducted in the MDDC Newspaper Hall of Fame in 1994.

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