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Newsprint tariff fly-in to DC June 13-14

Publishers and other newspaper executives know more than anyone about the impact of newsprint tariffs on your newspaper’s ability to provide news and information to your local community.  You are in the best position to explain the impact on your business, employees, advertisers and readers.  

That is why we are asking you to participate in a Washington “Fly-In” on June 13-14 to meet with Members of Congress and explain the unintended consequences of newsprint tariffs on newspaper operations, news coverage and jobs in your local community.  The objective is to encourage policymakers to support efforts to reverse these unwarranted and damaging tariffs.
Note: We will begin the “fly-in” event with a briefing in the late afternoon on the June 13, followed by a full day of congressional meetings on June 14.  

There are three things you can do to support this effort.

  • Meet with your elected representative on June 14th.  NMA will set up the meetings if you indicate you plan to attend.  There will be a DC reception for publishers attending the fly-in on June 13th, and a briefing from 8-9 on the 14th, with the rest of the day set aside to meet with members of Congress.  Please let me know if you can make it. 
  • Write a letter on your publication’s letterhead sharing how these tariffs will affect your business and news coverage.  I have enclosed a sample letter.  Our goal is to have a letter from every publisher in our Association. Please send me a PDF copy so that I can create a packet for each of our congressional representatives.
  • Send Rebecca the number of people you employ in your organization.  We need to show the potential number of jobs lost if news organizations have to shrink or close because of these tariffs.

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