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Nov. 7: Develop Your Competitive Sales Advantage with Online Media Campus!

Position yourself as the advertising rep of choice in your market for just $35!
Advertising options are great, but competition can be fierce. How will you position yourself as the media consultant of choice in your respective market? This session will teach you how to recommend the right combination of options and solutions at the right time for your clients. These are the keys to producing the results you want for you and your clients.

Highlights of OMC's Nov. 7 webinar include:

1. What your competitive advantage is and how you develop it.
2. Multi-media advertising options for your clients.
3. Developing customized packages for your clients.
4. How to evaluate, compare and prepare media plans.
5. Strategic timing for businesses to advertise.
6. When, why and how a business should incorporate various advertising options in their plans to increase sales

Deadline to register for the $35 webinar on Nov. 7 is Monday, Nov. 4. A $10 late registration begins on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

About the Presenter: Kelly Wirges is an expert in media sales, marketing, training and management. Kelly has assisted media companies of all sizes increase sales and revenue in every facet of the business for more than 25 years. She has received national acclaim for her program development, interactive and fun workshops, as well as content-rich materials. Kelly understands the challenges and opportunities that exist in media sales in today’s competitive environment and prepares and shares practical techniques that can be put to work immediately for increased sales success.

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