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OMC Advertising Webinar — May 9, 2013 — Bigger Revenues, Bigger Commissions

You want your sales staff to close more sales. They want to earn more money. That’s the proposition between your paper’s goals and those of your staff.

Carol Richer Gammell believes if you can get your staff in front of her webinar, she can turn your staff into money makers. All she asks for is registration for the Online Media Campus webinar May 9.

It's titled Overcome Objections and Close More Sales! Understanding the value proposition between the newspaper and the advertiser is key to overcoming objections effectively. Richer Gammell will teach your staff why advertisers view advertising as a risk, and teach them how to reassure advertisers that advertising in the newspaper is well worth their investment.

This webinar will discuss how to discover the buying signals in objections, differentiating between conditions and objections, using the power of negotiation to disarm objections. They’ll also be taught concrete techniques to turn objections into sales for your paper.

Richer Gammell knows about closing sales. A Ph.D. graduate of Purdue University, she launched Sales Training Plus as her own training and consulting company in 2002 and has been the featured speaker at more than 150 industry conventions and initiated and conducted training workshops for Call Center Professionals at more than 800 newspapers in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland and The Netherlands.

All you have to do is get your staff registered. Remember, you can pile as many people as possible onto the one-time $35 fee, and the webinar remains archived for future viewings or just as a refresher.

Deadline to register for the $35 fee is Monday, April 15. A $10 late registration fee begins Tuesday, April 16.

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