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OMC Archive Essentials: Learning the Ropes of InDesign

Layout skills are required if you hope to ascend to an editor's position — what are you waiting for?
It's no secret journalists are being asked to do more with less these days. Put another way, it's not enough to report and write to ensure job security these days.

So what can you do to differentiate yourself from your peers? It's probably not social media. Having a lot of followers is nice, but just how many do you need for that to translate into must-read copy in the eyes of an editor.

These days, it's what you can do outside of writing that is valuable to the editorial side of the business. One such skill set is layout, an essential skill if you hope to ascend to an editor’s position. That's where Online Media Campus's webinar archives come in handy.

Nearly every newspaper utilizes the Adobe program. Learning the ropes can be hard, especially when copy creation starts from programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word and internal content management systems such as BLOX and ATS utilize completely different protocols.

OMC's archives include a webinar from July titled, "Working Smarter: Time-Saving Tips for InDesign Users." It's still available and still just $35!
In 2011, OMC recorded an InDesign feature titled, "Perfecting InDesign's Secret Weapon to Save You Time." It's also a great bargain at $35 and most important still relevant.
Taking classes offered by community colleges or hosted by a self-proclaimed Abode InDesign expert can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, consider the benefits of an OMC archived webinar. It's available to you whenever you need it and doesn't cost the same as a car payment (or more).

Visit the OMC website or refer a colleague to it. It might be the start of the secure career you've always dreamed of!

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