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OMC Webinar — March 29, 2013 — Answering the Hard Questions About the Media Industry

Whether you like it or not, you're in a position to advocate
You know the situation. You’re at the soccer game, the neighborhood picnic or on a sales call. The question or comment that paints an unflattering picture of your newspaper gets lobbed your way. Circulation's down No one reads newspapers anymore (even though it's not true).

How you and your employees answer these questions sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. In this interactive webinar you’ll learn how to train your staff on how to answer the hard questions they hear each day. You’ll get real answers to real questions. How’s Business is a great session for ad directors, publishers or anyone who is concerned about how to manage your newspaper’s brand in your community.

Deadline to register for the $35 fee is Tuesday, March 26th. A $10 late registration fee begins on Wednesday, March 27th.

About the Presenter: Susan Patterson Plank started her media career at her hometown newspaper more than 20 years ago and has a great passion for the industry. She’s an experienced executive with a background in sales, marketing, communications and profit management. She has significant experience in customer targeting and segmentation, research, public relations, branding and strategic planning. She is recognized as a focused and innovative leader who is able to motivate teams and drive them to the best bottom-line results.

Patterson Plank’s media experience includes marketing, sales, digital and general management. She is currently the sales and marketing director for Customized Newspaper Advertising (CNA). CNA serves as a one-stop shop for national newspaper and online planning and placement solutions. CNA facilitates multi-newspaper and digital media buys by providing current advertising rates, audience information and demographic data in markets in a single state, regionally or nationally! CNA provides a one-buy, one-bill service, rate negotiations, print and digital planning solutions, audience and demographic information and a qualified, experience staff!

Prior to joining CNA she was with Gannett, most recently at Des Moines Register Media.

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