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Online Media Campus Offers Outstanding Smartphone Journalism Webinar

Certainly you've read the many teases this newsletter has dedicated to the outstanding content offered to MDDC members through Online Media Campus (OMC).

Well, it hasn't been working. Two weeks ago, OMC hosted an outstanding webinar on how to better use smartphones in your role as a reporter. Not a single reporter from any of MDDC's 126-member papers bellied up to their laptop or desktop. That's interesting, because this office bets most of our member-paper reporters own a smartphone.

So we're going to show you what your reporters missed. At just $35 per session, seven reporters could have taken in all this content at just $5 per person.

6 of 10 Americans own a smartphone, and these users spend almost five hours a week reading news content.

iPad users spent six hours reading news content; small tablet readers spent over nine hours doing the same.

While tablet and computer users have peaks and valleys in usage, smartphone usage stays level because smartphone owners take their phone with them almost everywhere they go.

The LA Times saw almost 23 percent in unique visitors because reporters utilized real-time reporting and enabled Facebook commenting, which doubled reader feedback.

The Mobile Media Toolbox every journalist needs, including Evernote, DropBox, 5-0 Police Scanner, Free Wi-Fi Finder and Abbyy Text Grabber, among at least a dozen.

The folks at OMC have graciously allowed us to use the 63-slide Power Point used in the webinar. What are you waiting for? OMC offers an array of outstanding training at an affordable price, and at just $35 per session, your staff can split the cost and get the training they need to stay competitive. Additionally, OMC webinar participants are afforded access to the entire webinar for up to 60 days.

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