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THERE’S STILL TIME! Register for “More Detail, Less Clutter” Webinar

Oct. 11 — Think like a writer when interviewing, researching, organizing stories
Write clean, compelling stories. Be a stronger reporter by learning artful approaches to the language. Learn how interviews and research set you up for success at the writing stage, as well as tips for structuring and winnowing your writing. Thrill your editor and readers alike by turning in stories as powerful as they are clear and concise.

1. Think like a writer when interviewing and researching.

2. Simplify your sentence structures when working with complex information.

3. Organize stories with intention.

4. Evaluate what merits inclusion and what should be cut or handled visually instead.

There's still time to register for just $45 — still an outstanding price — which includes a $10 late registration fee begins on Oct. 9.

About the Presenter: Brenda Witherspoon teaches journalism at Iowa State University, drawing on her background as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers. She worked at The Dallas Morning News and the Des Moines Register, among other papers, before switching to freelance journalism and teaching about a decade ago. This summer, she spent two weeks at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis learning more about how digital tools and expectations are shaping newsrooms.

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