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The Past Week in Media
Jan. 17: From Ad Age: For former broadcast heavyweight CBS, this year’s Super Bowl is a super chance to inject interest in their struggling news division …from Net News Check: Knight Foundation announces grants for, among others, software to convert mobile phones into micro community radio stations in Uganda.

Jan. 18: From the Chicago Tribune: Specialist investors bought the troubled company’s debt for pennies on the dollar, then matched wits in court with negotiators to walk away with the biggest pieces of the bankrupt companies' value … from USA Today: Serious fraud on part of story source Manti Te’o or fandom syndrome on the part of sports journalists? Roger Yu offers analysis … from Buzz Feed: Lance Armstrong’s cycling career is over. His reputation is in shambles. Thanks to a 2008 deal with SEO-juicing content farm Demand Media, LiveStrong survives.

Jan. 21: From AWL (with video): Take a few minutes to check out the new way to make web headlines in 2013 ... from the Journal News: A change in the New York's gun law allowing permit holders to keep their personal information private means the Journal News halts publication of its controversial gun permit owner map … from Journalism UK: The Washington Post launches Post Pulse, a feature giving 15 minute updates on stories receiving the most traction within social media.

Jan. 22: From INMA: Local publications decide: Preside over the lonely decline of newspapers, or use their considerable assets and re-invent their relevance to readers? ... from Adrienne LeFrance and Nieman Journalism Lab: The New York Times is getting a re-design … in print editions! … from New York Review of Books: The Library of Congress will catalogue the Twitterverse … or Tweetosphere … or whatever it will eventually be called.

Jan. 23: FromJim Romenesko: State Farm says fluff journalism is fine, but declines independent investigative reporter’s request for policy in Oregon … from Poynter: Most newspapers are a treasure trove of any region’s history and information. Here’s 5 ways to use social media to resurface old content … from Media Shift’s Idea Lab: Feel like your journalists are on their own against hackers? Here’s one person’s mission to make digital security a priority for journalists.

Jan. 24: From Media Life Magazine: Super Bowl ads used to be shrouded in secrecy, but not anymore. Here’s 5 trends to watch before next week’s big game … from New York Magazine: Imagine Donald Trump in charge of (or ruining) The New York Times. Sources say Trump has engaged in more than one meeting to discuss how he might buy the iconic daily … from News & Tech: Gannett Co. is putting their historic, original address in Rochester, N.Y. – constructed in 1927 by founder Frank Gannett – up for sale.

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