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This & That: The Past Week in Media for April 11, 2013

April 5: From The New York Times: No one disputes Google is still the search engine king, but no one’s disputing competitors are chipping away at that fact thanks to mobile … from Buzz Feed: Why it’s time to eliminate Internet headlines. Did that work? ... from Cleveland.com: The most elaborate campaign to stave off the inevitable is finally confirmed. The Cleveland Plain Dealer will commence 3-day per week delivery this summer.

April 8: From Nieman Journalism Lab: Yes, 86 journalists from 46 countries collaborated to produce over 2.5 million files revealing financial information about politicians, fundraisers and celebrities from 170 different countries … from The Washington Post: Former FCC chair Reed Hundt calls Washington Redskins name “a racial epithet that broadcasters would not use in any other context” and calls on team to change the name … from TV News Check: News Corp. COO Chase Carey says if U.S. courts allow Aereo to continue streaming content culled from broadcast signals, it will take broadcast network off the air and convert into a pay channel.

April 9: From Poynter: We all know engagement is important, and much more than likes, re-tweets and pins. So how do you measure your engagement success? … from Buzz Feed: "If she worked for mainstream newspapers or CNN, I think the case would have been covered," says Judith Miller, a Fox News contributor about Jana Winter facing jail for refusing to reveal a source. This situation has garnered little mainstream attention … from San Jose Mercury News: Digital First CEO John Paton says “If we’re swapping print dollars for digital dimes, I think paywalls are a stack of pennies.” Paton thinks paywalls can be used to ease transition of newspaper business.

April 10: From WAN-IFRA: Would you pay to read Tom Friedman or Nick Kristof from The New York Times, or Mitch Albom in the Detroit Free Press? Readers, specifically younger ones, are driving the trend of author-based paywalls … from Mother Jones: Reporters claim ExxonMobil representatives are hindering coverage of the Pegasus pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas, going as far as to employ county sheriff’s deputies threatening arrest … from Medium: Don't write alone, because even noted recluses Emily Dickinson and J.D. Salinger corresponded with others about their work.

April 11: From The New York Times: Staff writer admits to password and username sharing to take in content not paid for in ethics column. Readers understandably take issue … from Pando Daily: The trouble with Tumblr’s Storyboard and other social mediums? They’re platforms for other people’s content, not publishing arms … from Ad Age: It’s not just newspapers fighting for relevancy. Only 28 percent of the under-30 crowd regularly watches local news programming, down from 42 percent in 2006.

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