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This & That: The Past Week in Media for July 18, 2013

July 12: From Pew Research Center: The American public’s favorable view of the contributions of journalists has dropped 10 points from a 38 percent position in 2009 … from Bloomberg Business Week: As News Corp., Time Warner and Tribune begin orphaning off their print businesses, now may be the time to invest in print … from Empty Wheel: The First Amendment was written to eradicate the placement of an government-run press, but recent DOJ recommendations for dealing with journalists gets us closer to an official news agency.

July 15: From Net News Check: Newspaper Association of America publicly applauds AG Eric Holder’s recommendations to revise the DOJ’s guidelines for dealing with journalists … from KJRH: Is the honeymoon over? Tulsa World, owned by Warren Buffett, announces plan to lay off 50 staffers … from Ocean Signal: New Jersey paper Ashbury Park Press (Gannett) is outsourcing local news to reader-submitted copy in a new section called “Hometown.”

July 16: From The Wrap: HBO’s Newsroom” returns, and it remains a show real journalists love to hate (and live-tweet about that hate, too) … from The New York Times: A “Do Not Track” feature which will have severe consequences on targeted advertising close to reaching consensus … from Jim Romenesko: Shuttered again! Georgia-based Southern Community Newspapers, which owns five dailies and two weekly papers, fires all their photographers and tells reporters to take pictures.

July 17: From Business Insider: Whatever the next “big thing” is, it isn’t Facebook. Two more high-level talents have announced they’re leaving the company … from The New York Times: New, tougher laws to protect journalists and newsgathering entities – including protections from email and phone records being secretly accessed – announced by the Obama administration … from Poynter: Is newsroom diversity be a concern for your paper? Minority employment hasn’t fallen from its 12-14 percent range of a decade ago but it hasn’t risen, either.

July 18: From Education Week: With an eye on the future, teachers say technology helps students’ writing, but it encourages sinful shortcuts, making even advanced students less likely to produce solid writing ... from The Associated Press: A report by the ACLU says law enforcement agencies across the country have amassed millions of digital records on the location and movement of every vehicle with a license plate by using automated scanners … from the Detroit Free Press: The National Press Photographers Association concludes Detroit police likely violated the First Amendment rights of a Detroit Free Press photographer who was arrested after trying to get her iPhone back from a police officer who told her to stop filming on a public street before forcefully pulling her phone from her hand.

~ Compiled by T.C. Cameron

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