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This & That: The Past Week in Media for June 20, 2013

June 14: From ASJ&A Monthy: ASJ&A President Minda Zetlin pleads with Google to fix its algorithms because “they’re killing journalism.” … from Media Bistro’s All Twitter: Md. Senator Barbara Mikulski rebukes a tweet from Buzz Feed Politics reporter Rosie Gray in real time and on the record during a Congressional hearing … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Susan Glasser, who heads Politico’s new long-form journalism project, says blogs have always been, “about content, subject matter and the kind of journalism you’re producing, rather than software.”

June 17: From Huffington Post: Are we missing the mark? Edward Snowden says mainstream media seems more interested in what he said when he was 17 or what his girlfriend looks like instead of focusing on “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history." … from Chicago Tribune: The Tribune Co. reported modest revenue growth in 2012 – its final year of bankruptcy – as broadcasting revenue offset losses in print publishing … from Media Bistro’s All Twitter: If you have reporters hesitant to join Twitter, here’s an easy series of tips to helps them acclimate to the journalist-favored medium.

June 18: From PBS Media Shift and John Stearns: As an industry, we must better support freelance journalists who operate without the resources and backing of newsrooms … from The Associated Press: A refusal by employees to stop broadcasting as ordered by the state last week worked, as the Greek government begins talks to keep state broadcaster ERT transmitting… from TV News Check: The majority of gun violence reporting misses the mark badly.

June 19: From Gallup: Americans’ confidence in newspaper, TV news dips to lowest points, but highest trust marks for papers comes from 18-29 year-olds … from Buzz Feed: Government sources won’t talk to AP reporters after records probe from DOJ, says AP CEO Gary Pruitt … from Grantland: With the death of the traditional sports columnist upon us, Grantland goes further, parodying hack sports columns. Sadly, they’re spot on.

June 20: From Net News Check: AP CEO Gary Pruitt reveals five steps he believes to be necessary to secure future freedom of the press … from Poynter: An unsuccessful campaign to stave off the inevitable behind them, staffers at Cleveland’s Plain Dealer prepare for layoffs … from Fauquier.com: After 108 years, the Fauquier Times-Democrat (Warrenton, Va.) is a Democrat no more, dropping the politically linked title from its flag.

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