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This & That: The Past Week in Media for June 6, 2013

May 31: Two from Poynter: On the same day the Chicago Sun-Times runs obituary of former photo chief, paper fires entire photography staff in favor of freelancers … Is your paper’s social media editor position both an essential and obsolete position simultaneously? … from The Hill: Many politicians are painting the DOJ’s pursuit of AP and Fox News sources as isolated incidents. Too bad it’s not true.

June 3: From The Washington Post: Eric Holder says he’ll protect the right of journalists in the future. Do you believe him? ... from Poynter: Sun-Times reporters will undergo mandatory training on iPhone photography basics after entire photography department is dumped … from CBS’s Face the Nation: New York Times Editor Jill Abramson fears the loss of balance between a free press and the need to prosecute those who leak information.

June 4: From Christian Science Monitor: Bradley Manning’s court-martial will force many Americans to decide if Manning is a whistle-blowing patriot or a traitor of the state? … from The Atlantic Wire: The U.S. government asked the AP for $1 Million for secret email addresses … from Steve Buttry: If your mobile editorial or advertising strategy isn’t working, here’s some reasons why, and how to fix it.

June 5: From Digiday: The Big Stage, a content site designed by the New York Stock Exchange, will showcase the stories behind the brands that eventually make it big and file for an IPO … from Mashable: Strange bedfellows or love birds? The awkward dynamic between legacy media and Twitter … from Pando Daily: Does your newspaper publish an entertainment, lifestyle or Sunday magazine? You’re either about to get some competition or an opportunity to get in the game.

June 6: From Nieman Journalism Lab: The revival of local journalism isn’t just about serving the public. It’s nurturing that public and giving it a voice … from The New York Times: After burning more bridges than Sherman, Keith Olbermann is returning to studio television for TBS playoff baseball … from The Washington Post: The iconic Washington daily will begin to phase in their subscription pay model on June 12.

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