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This & That: The Past Week in Media for March 28, 2013

March 22: From ABC News: Believe it or not, drone journalism is an emerging trend, so much so that the University of Missouri offers courses in operating and reporting via drones … from Poynter: “Let Me Tweet That For You” is a service allowing users to type a real Twitter username to generate a realistic-looking image of a tweet from that person, even adding fake retweet and favorite counts for credibility … from The Washington Post: Erik Wemple reports Huffington Post, in an effort to smooth relations with retail giant Wal-Mart, offered a puff piece as journalism, then deleted reader comments decrying the “story.”

March 25: From Lobo Land: Despondent with a loss by the University of New Mexico in the NCAA tournament, beat writer Dennis Latta abruptly retires in a rant gone viral …from Paid Content: With mega papers like the New York Times and Washington Post on one end and hyperlocal broadsheet dailies on the other, will the barbell effect crush newspapers in the middle? … from USA Today: Michael Wolff thinks Columbia University’s J-School failed to advance the future of journalism by hiring Steve Coll as the school’s new dean.

March 26: From Paid Content: The New York Times, after imposing a metered paywall, clamps down on tricks to get around the wall by eliminating a bookmarklet that allowed readers to eliminate “over the limit” messages appearing in front of Times stories … from Nieman Journalism Lab: The Washington Post introduces “Post Classic,” which replicates the paper’s print edition and is bundled within an customized iPad layout. It’s available at Apple’s Newsstand … from Quartz: “Skinny and white” is right when major U.S. news brands renovate their site.

March 27: From Nieman Journalism Lab: Was Yogi Berra speaking about #hashtags when he famously said, “Too many people use it, so no one goes there.” A New York Times social media editor thinks so … from Online News Association: Newsroom redux? Here’s an argument for pods to replace the outdated newsroom silo … from Politicker: New York City’s self-appointed soda czar, mayor Michael Bloomberg, tells Mr. Rupert Murdoch, to “stop twittering.”

March 28: From Gawker: First, Esquire reporter Phil Bronstein’s exclusive story about the "man who shot and killed bin Laden," had problems with facts regarding health insurance. Is the story’s core rotten, too? … from Poynter: “Oh no they didn’t!” CBS asks for tax breaks for week of Super Bowl coverage — and will probably get it … from The New York Times: How Instagram ushered in a new era for paparazzi.

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