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This & That: The Past Week in Media for May 23, 2013

May 17: From Net News Check: With NewsRight gone, advocacy to curtail piracy and digital copyright protection falls to NAA … from Reuters: Jack Shafer tells why the underwear-bomber leak infuriated the Obama administration, and why journalists are missing the bigger picture … from Nieman Journalism Lab: How are algorithms and journalism related? They both play a huge role in the pursuit of objectivity.

May 20: From Forbes: What does it take to be a great business scribe in the digital age of reporting? Here’s four sterling examples … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Like the Miami Herald, more and more papers are about tweeting out news in the morning and encouraging Twitter dialogue between readers and writers in the afternoon … from Huffington Post: Dan Kennedy says while the Internal Revenue Service’s illegal profiling scandal boils, the IRS is quietly killing off non-profit media.

May 21: From Atlantic Wire: Tumblr’s recently fired editorial team members will miss out on $371,000 payout per person as part of Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition … from Paid Content: After missteps and misinformation, there’s finally some consensus on how to make Twitter the ultimate news ticker … from TV News Check: After being named North Carolina’s sportswriter of the year four times, Caulton Tudor is a rookie again. He left print for web reporting at a television station, and he’s not alone.

May 22: From Pew’s Center for the People & the Press: It’s still about the economy! More Americans (30 percent) are following the plight of the U.S. economy than they are the scandals involving Benghazi (25 percent), the Internal Revenue Service (25 percent) or AP phone records (16 percent) … from Net News Check: Wanderful Media, the digital, free standing insert startup that also propagates local deal finder Find&Save, has raised another $9 million from member newspapers … from Online News Association: Learn how to build a news app through a course offered by ONA and For Journalism.

May 23: From The Washington Post: Erik Wemple discusses how the Post broke the story about the DOJ seizing phone records of numbers associated with Fox News reporter James Rosen and why the broadcasting giant is blindsided by the investigation … from Net News Check: Learn how design and shifting technology trends impact the editorial process and your newsroom (WITH VIDEO) … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Linkypedia, the tracking and mapping brainchild of New York Times interactive news developer Derek Willis, will tell us who is citing and quoting the work of major news outlets.

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