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This & That: The Past Week in Media for May 30, 2013

May 24: From Nick Gillespie and the Daily Beast: You decide – Do the recent overreaches by the Obama administration again Fox’s James Rosen and The Associated Press constitute a “war on journalism?” … from PBS Media Shift: Does crowd funding equal a new funding model for freelancers? … from The Lens: The news consumption habits of New Orleans changed when the Times-Picayune stopped daily publication, and there's no going back.

May 28: From the National Journal: Chris Frates exposes Marty Baron for what he is—a journalist more interested in quality writing than quirky gimmicks and promotion—but can he fix what ails The Washington Post? … from Digiday: Here’s how some of the web’s most prominent publishers organize in the social media age … from The New Yorker: Did billionaire David Koch protect his brotherhood from an unsavory portrayal by PBS documentarian Alex Gibney?

May 29: From Reuters: While declaring print a “particularly powerful platform,” CEO Robert Thomson promises “relentless cost cuts” in store for the “new” News Corp as it separates print pieces from Rupert Murdoch's entertainment empire ... from Geek Wire: Shocking! The print industry’s future forecast from 20 years ago included many miscalculations. Here’s a look at the list … from Peter Sterne at The New York Observer: Proposed shield law more like “a cheap umbrella,” but the Society of Professional Journalists pushes for passage anyway.

May 30: From Huffington Post: AP CEO tells staffers at a Wednesday meeting the DOJ seized thousands and thousands of phone records … from National Journal: Media shield law will only work if prosecutors aren’t so quick to prosecute journalists … from Media Bistro’s All Twitter: Here’s 14 factors that impact Twitter follower growth for your newspaper or reporters.

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