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This & That: The Past Week in Media for Oct. 17, 2013

Oct. 11: From PR Newser: Is the idea of a return on investment within social media dead? … from Politico: The Associated Press was forced to retract a story wrongly claiming Va. gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) had lied to a federal official ... from The Hill: The Los Angeles Times refuses to print letters claiming humans are not the cause for global warming … from All Twitter: Attention editors – this is how sports fans engage on Twitter! … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Here’s 10 industry storylines which we’ll follow smartly in 2014 … from Columbia Journalism Review: Here’s a look at how some of your national competitors covered the rollout of Obamacare.

Oct. 14: From The Associated Press: You couldn’t make this up. Two owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer have sued their company and publisher over the firing of Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Bill Marimow … from the Committee to Protect Journalists: The Obama administration’s war on journalism is the most aggressive since the Nixon administration … from Net News Check: The key to analyzing metrics is not wasting time on those which are meaningless … from The Awl: With too much information and no incentive to engage, Twitter may be helping to kill your publication … from Capital New York: Kickstarter has become the place to go to pass the hat for journalism.

Oct. 15: From Ad Age: Here’s the skinny on sponsored content at BuzzFeed, Gawker, Hearst and The Washington Post … from Media Reset: What is our industry doing to attract more audience? … from Net News Check: It used to be called self-promotion, but now journalists must engage in self-branding … from App Newser: Sunlight Foundation offers a government shutdown app, one your staff might be utilizing two months from today … from PR Newser: While a lot of companies preach the virtues of cheap Internet, Google and Facebook are actually doing something about it.

Oct. 16: Two from PR Newser: The falsehoods of viral content is revealed by a Washington Post writer who knew the child in this week’s popular Smithsonian Zoo picture … Here’s a Baker’s dozen worth of political metaphors overused thanks to the government shutdown … from Forbes: The New Republic now asks reporters to sell the magazine, too … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Twitter changes its direct message policy, and journalists are ready to take advantage … from the London Guardian: The New York Times says the UK tried to pressure the paper to hand over documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Oct. 17: Two from Poynter: Patch memo reveals plan to fully staff Patch offices in just 14 high-performing markets … The New York Times discloses its next to impossible to get banned as a commenter … from USA Today: The soap opera-like drama at the Philadelphia Inquirer is a lesson in how not to run a newspaper … from Mashable: What's your paper's No. 1 social media traffic driver? Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined … from Journalism.co.UK: Google launches a set of tools designed to help journalists … from Net News Check: Jeff Bezos’ influence on print journalism stretching to nonprofit news, too.

—compiled by T.C. Cameron
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