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This & That: The Past Week in Media for Sept. 19, 2013

Sept. 13: From Poynter: University of Oregon students go forth with iPad-only publication … from Paid Content: We all think a shield law would be an asset to journalists; Matthew Ingram thinks it’s a terrible idea … from the Guardian: Edward Snowden’s legacy: court overseeing US surveillance orders a review for declassification of NSA’s bulk trawls of Americans' phone records ... from Tech Dirt: The proposed federal media shield law purposely excludes the kind of journalism Congress doesn’t like: bloggers and WikiLeaks.

Sept. 16: From PR Newser: Is sponsored content the new, essential tool of branding or the death of journalism – or both?Two from The Washington Post: In response to Nieman’s “Riptide” offering, the Post offers what gets missed by only talking to white men about the digital revolution and journalism … When news breaks, scanners and social media can create a cloud of errors for news outlets … from Mashable: Netflix’s “House of Cards” – a drama set in D.C. and filmed at the Baltimore Sun – wins two Emmys … from Columbia Journalism Review: Instead of criticizing Nieman’s controversial Riptide, two journalists plan to create their own report.

Sept. 17: From All Twitter: Does your paper’s Twitter feed help both your brand and your advertisers? Here’s a few examples of how it can … from Pando Daily: Former Facebook managing editor Daniel Fletcher launches Beacon with the mission of helping journalists get paid … from Slate: You can't blame the bloggers and citizen journalists for this one: CBS, NBC both misidentify the shooter at the Navy Yard … from Mashable: Here’s what some of the world’s biggest websites looked like at inception … from Net News Check: After widespread criticism, Nieman’s “Riptide” will expand to address the “many of the critics of Riptide.”

Sept. 18: From Mail Online: Facebook users are committing “virtual identity suicide” in droves and quitting the site over privacy fears … from Jim Romenesko: Education reporter covering school “bored” meeting gives her competition plenty of fodder … from Huffington Post: The Washington Post’s executive editor lauds his staff for the Navy Yard shooting coverage, calling it, “a model of how we can cover news with both immediacy and in depth…” … from the Guardian: Ready to make a difference in climate change reporting? Oxford University says eight of 10 climate change reports focus on uncertainty … from Buzz Feed: The University of Florida is offering a $27,000 master’s degree in social media. Here’s what it looks like.

Sept. 19: From Circa: Headlines became uninformative thanks to SEO, but the true relationship is between what’s measured and valuedTwo from Poynter: Can your staff write 261 ledes in a fraction of a second? This is how you do it, and how you sell it to your staff, too … Why “Be transparent” has replaced “Act independently” as a primary axiom of journalism … from Xconomy: What’s the No. 1 currency for newspapers to invest in then and now? Internet and content system engineers! … from USA Today: Google, in search of replacing third-party cookies, is developing an anonymous identifier for advertising (AdID) as the way advertisers track people's Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes.

—compiled by T.C. Cameron

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