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This & That — The Past Week in Media, March 1-7

March 1: Two from Columbia Journalism Review: First, Clay Shirky: In a town sometimes defined by murder, Shirky says Homicide Watch is a map for blacks and Washington Post is a map for whites … from CJR’s Ryan Chittum: Ten months later, a battle rages for the soul of the Times-Picayune because of the radical change in how journalism is now produced at the 176-year-old paper … from Nieman Journalism Lab: Is spotting trends and identify patterns in politics, economics, sports and popular culture important to your paper? Check out Common Crawl!

March 4: From News and Tech: Warren Buffett on newspapers in his shareholder letter: "Papers delivering comprehensive and reliable information to tightly bound communities and having a sensible Internet strategy will remain viable for a long time." … from Media Daily News: We already know Twitter and Facebook drive traffic to print, but they don’t drive viewers to television … fromPaid Content: If you believe WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning are guilty, isn’t The New York Times guilty, too?

March 5: From the Toronto Globe and Mail: The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, will outsource some editing positions and cut dozens of newsroom jobs due to declining ad revenue … from Bloomberg: Tribune Co. reportedly looking for a single buyer for all newspapers to simplify the sale and allow company to focus on television immediately … from Net News Check: The Washington Post rolls out “BrandConnect,” allowing marketers to create sponsored content featured on the newspaper’s home page and throughout the site.

March 6: From The New York Times’ Media Decoder: Is the title ‘iconic’ more like a death sentence in the magazine industry? Time Warner’s efforts to merge Time title with Meredith Corporation publications hit a snag because of disagreement of what to do with Time, Fortune, Money and Sports Illustrated … from Paid Content: According to Press+ data, the average price of a newspaper’s monthly digital subscription is now $9.26 (up 35 percent since Jan. 2012) while fewer articles are available for free … from Ad Age: “We are not the media company — the 100-year-old newspaper company — people still think we are," says Mary Murcko, as Gannett joins forces to woo TV ad dollars.

March 7: From Maryland Reporter: State’s publishers fight back against Md. Municipal League as group rails against public notices in newspapers …from The Verge: Is there a double standard from media for women who reach the top? From The Wrap: Is it unthinkable to believe (or hope) Fox Sports 1 could overtake ESPN, one of the most successful media companies of the last quarter century?
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