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The Past Week in Media, Jan. 10-16
Jan. 10: From Reuters: Although official records show the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) cooperated generously with the makers of "Zero Dark Thirty," prominent agency officials were nowhere to be seen at the Washington, D.C. premiere … From Capital New York: Huffington Post will empower every reporter with his or her own personal blog to supplement the site’s reporting … From Poynter: Richard Gingras, Google’s news and social product chief, says journalists need to focus on invention instead of transformation.

Jan. 11: From the Chicago Tribune: After failing twice to show up in federal court on fraud charges, an arrest warrant has been issued for Stephanie Peter, the former director of real estate for Tribune Co. … From Jim Romenesko: After advertising for 13 summer internships, The New York Times received 1,644 valid applications. USA Today and the Wall Street Journal do not keep formal statistics for their programs, and The Washington Post does not disclose such information … From The New York Times: The Chicago Sun-Times is paying Laura and Chris Amico, founders of Homicide Watch, the Washington, D.C., Web site that tracks murders, has track crime and murder in the Windy City.

Jan. 14: From International Business Times: Crowdfunded journalism projects are gaining momentum, begging the question: what are crowdfunded projects doing to thrive as the newspapers struggle to build a sustainable model? … From the Associated Press: Would you pay $100 to send a direct e-mail to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg? Facebook is running tests to find out … From the Chicago Tribune: Part I of a four-part series — Sam Zell buying the Tribune Co. was like, “inviting a rock star to a bank meeting.”

Jan. 15: From The Guardian: Are newspapers in U.S. and UK girding up to fight the circulation and advertising slide, rather than just managing it? … From the Chicago Tribune: Part II of a four-part series: Bankers and Tribune Co.'s top executives, blinded by huge fees and incentive payouts, ignored red flags ... From Inside Thunderdome: Digital First Media has teamed up with Netherlands-based CrowdyNews to build the Social Media Wire, a tool that allows readers to quickly browse news from a variety of social media sources without leaving our sites.

Jan. 16: From Gawker: What, you didn't know about Gawker's big board of story stats? The coolest thing might be the constantly updated tally on the left! ... From Poynter: The Atlantic places advertorial advertisement from Church of Scientology, then pulls ad amid backlash … From the Chicago Tribune: Part III of a four-part series: Sam Zell and his team of outsiders brought a new approach to the Tribune Co., but his team squandered an opportunity to reinvent the iconic media company.

Jan. 17: From MediaPost: The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) is predicting a 6.7 percent drop in print advertising revenue for U.S. newspapers in 2013 … From Philly Post: Joel Mathis on new ownership's threat to dissolve the Philadelphia papers if concessions aren't met: "There will be no white knight to save Philadelphia’s two major daily newspapers."

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