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WEBINAR SUMMARY “What Local Advertisers Need Right Now—And How to Help Them”

Presented by: Borrell and Associates, Second Street

The purpose of this webinar was to share statistical information on what SMBs have said/are saying about the impact they are facing, statistics on the value of local newspapers, and ways newspapers can generate revenue while helping businesses through this crisis.

Consumers are recognizing during the COVID-19 crisis that community newspapers are the place to go for reliable news and information. Nielson reports that local news consumption increases by nearly 60% when consumers are asked to stay at home. Businesses, however, are not seeing newspapers as a resource for marketing expertise.  Many businesses, even prior to the crisis manage their own marketing campaigns and strategies because they see media salespeople as opportunistic, rather than trusted advisors.  Borrell is reporting that 42% of SMB’s say that they believe they’ll be impacted by the crisis for 1-4 months, with only 2% saying they’ll be closing due to the gravity of the impact.  This means that businesses are thinking about how they will ramp up after the crisis ends, which provides marketing consultants with a unique opportunity to advise their businesses now on a marketing strategy after the crisis ends.

In order to become a trusted advisor to businesses, it’s important to first and foremost empathize with their current struggles.  Businesses are scrambling to adapt to make payroll, pay rent, adjust to shortages in their supply chain, etc. These businesses are communicating to a very small audience through their email databases and social followers.  Newspapers are seeing a larger increase in audience than other local media outlets.  ComScore reports that newspapers are seeing on national average a 32% increase in consumption versus local TV news at only 11%.  We are hearing from many newspapers in our membership that they’re seeing up to a 600% increase in newspaper.com traffic, and increased time on site, as well as increased single copy sales and home delivery subscriptions.

During crisis, it’s important for marketing consultants to know that they’re not helping businesses advertise – they’re helping them communicate.  Businesses will rely on marketing consultants to report on what they’re seeing competition doing, including the big box, and creative strategies on how to compete with immediate revenue generation.  The words that marketing consultants use with businesses are important to avoid being viewed as opportunistic, and build trust. Promotions, for example are a great way for businesses to not only generate immediate sales, but also gain quality leads for their email database and social media, as well as important consumer data, (i.e., “Are you planning to purchase X-product in X-time?”).  Now is the time to start having conversations with businesses about how you can help.

Included with this summary is a recording of the webinar, as well as the slide deck for you to review.  There’s great information that expands on my summary, including some additional statistics, messaging, and business categories to focus on.

As always, we are here to help our members navigate through this crisis.  We’ll get through this together.  Contact Kevin Berrier, Advertising Director, for more information.

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