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Who trusts — and pays for — the news? Here’s what 8,728 people told us

By Joy Mayer, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

Is there a connection between people’s politics and their trust in news? (Yes.) Do people’s race or age play a factor in what they trust? (Yes on race, less on age.) And do those factors influence how likely people are to spend money on news? (They sure do.)

As part of the Trusting News project, 28 partner newsrooms asked their audiences to tell them about their views on the credibility of news. They published a questionnaire asking their readers, listeners and viewers about their demographics and political leanings, and how many news organizations they support financially. What we found can offer insight into the general attitudes and beliefs of people toward the value and credibility of news.

Who trusts and pays for the news?

Patterns emerged with age, politics and race.

  • Overall, more than two-thirds of respondents indicate they provide financial support to at least one news organization.
  • Liberal respondents are more likely to both trust and pay for the news than conservative respondents.
  • White respondents are more likely to both trust and pay for the news than nonwhite respondents.
  • Older respondents are more likely to pay for the news, across politics and race.

Read the full report here.

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