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Legal Hotline

Advised by Media Attorney Chuck Tobin of the law firm of Holland & Knight and overseen by MDDC's Executive Director, the Legal Hotline provides legal advice to members on ad and news content, including pre-publication review for libel and the related torts, news-gathering issues such as trespass or invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark protection, on courts access, open records and open meetings.

Contact MDDC's executive director first, either by phone (855-721-6332, ext 3) or email (rsnyder@mddcpress.com). The executive director shall treat all calls as confidential, but members waive their right to attorney-client privilege to the extent that the executive director will know the issues being discussed and the advice being offered.

Members will receive up to 60 minutes of the attorney's time without cost, per call. Calls should generally be limited to once per month, but may exceed that limit infrequently. The hotline service is limited to advice and suggestions and does not include advocacy for the member either in the form of telephone calls, letters or legal representation. If the member wishes to retain the hotline attorney to pursue legal action, the member must do so at its own expense.

If the member raises an issue that, in the opinion of the executive director, generally affects the membership of MDDC, the director may agree to share the expense of the attorney or assume the entire expense of the attorney in pursuing the legal action.

Members wishing to initiate a consultation should direct their email inquiries to MDDC Executive Director Rebecca Snyder at rsnyder@mddcpress.com, 1-855-721-6332 x3.

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